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Do I dare

Disturb the universe?

An anti-sweatshop community
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"if one of us is chained
none of us are free"
- Lynyrd Skynrd

This community was created as a place to discuss and provide information on the use of sweatshops in clothing manufacture, and, more importantly, the methods by which we can do something to stop these violations of human rights. I want action out of you, damnit! So post your thoughts, resources, campaigns and ideas here, and we just might be able to make something like a diference.

What is a sweatshop?

A sweatshop is a factory in which workers earn less than they need to live, are forced to work in unsanitary and/or cramped conditions, and are often subjected to physical, verbal and sexual abuse. Unfortunately, these are the conditions under which most of the world's clothing is manufactured.

What can I do?

- Don't support companies which use sweatshops to manufacture products. You'll find a list here of websites that can point you in the direction of sweatshop-free retialers.

- Here sweatfree.org has information on starting a sweatfree purchasing campaign in your area, with a sweatfree toolkit to help you out.

- The "Cut It Out" campaign in Canada can be implmented by you no matter what country you live in, so give this a read.

- Post any current campaigns or ideas for campaigns you have to this community, and I'll include it on this list.