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Save No Sweat!

No Sweat Apparel is the only international union-made clothing company in the world, and it's having some financial difficulties. (It's hard to make big profits like Nike when you actually pay your workers a living wage, yeah?) However, if No Sweat wins the competition at idea blob, site for business ideas, they get $20,000, which will keep them afloat.

If you take a minute to sign up for an account at ideablob and VOTE for No Sweat (listed as "sweatshop free organic T-shirts made in Bethlehem, West Bank") by TONIGHT'S DEADLINE (midnight Central Time), they have a chance at winning and staying in business.

Pleaaase participate and repost.

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Caveat Emptor: a new wiki

A friend and I have just started a project called Caveat Emptor. It's a wiki with the purpose of informing the public about more conscientious consumption--reducing it as a whole, but also focusing on socially aware and green living. In today's market, buyers should be aware of how their purchases and waste impact people and the Earth.

Since it's a wiki, anyone can write an article, and we need more content! Most of the articles are just a sentence and a link so far, if that. You can add articles or edit existing ones. We're looking for green/sweatshop-free businesses, organizations, concepts, books, films, and news. If you've never worked with a wiki before, check out here and here to get started.


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I just joined about two minutes ago and wanted to say hello in addition to asking for some help. I wanted to start a really simple, user-friendly directory of anti-sweatshop/fair trade businesses and organizations. I know such directories and informational material exist, but I find that they tend to not include small businesses, or each directory contains different businesses. I'd like to unite a bunch of small sites listing anti-sweatshop/fair trade businesses in one place. I've mentioned this idea to a couple friends and online, but haven't gotten much feedback. So, basically what I'd like to know is if this is a worthwhile endeavor and what you think of it.

I look forward to participating in this community!

Tackling sweatshops in sportswear

Guaranteed by the International Labour Organization, freedom of association allows workers a channel to find the type of job that will get them out of poverty. A US sportswear company, Fila, was ranked among the worst of the 12 companies in the report because it has failed to address serious labor abuses.
- Oxfam's latest report on sweatshop labour

Please visit Oxfam and sign their petition. Also consider visiting Fila's website and tell them what you think of their immoral labour practices. More information in an Oxfam report available for download here.

"Everyone has the right to fair pay and conditions at work and the right to work together to achieve them. This is as true for the women who make sports gear as it is for the players who wear it." – Kelly Dent, Labour Rights Advocate, Oxfam Australia

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fair trade jewelry

hey, i thought the members of ths community might be interested in a new jewelry site called
This collage has a just a sample of the different colors and styles of available beaded bracelets.

4 Small Change offers handmade Fair Trade jewelry created by Mayan women living on the shores of Lake Atitlán, a spectacular volcanic lake in Guatemala. 4 small change has assisted in the organization of a beading collective for the women in the village of Santa Cruz la Laguna, which is 97% Indigenous. With each purchase, 4 Small Change donates 5% to Amigos de Santa Cruz, a non-profit organization providing support to the schools, public health, and economic development of Santa Cruz la Laguna.

Anyone around Washington or Philadelphia?

 "Think for yourself" seminars and weekends by George Mason University, including-

Globalization, Culture & Community
June 17 - 23, 2006
Bryn Mawr College 
(outside Philadelphia, PA)

At our Globalization, Culture & Community seminar, we'll explore the dynamics of development, customs, and traditions including how trade and development affect people and cultures around the world.

Globalization & Human Rights 
 July 14 - 16, 2006
 Marymount University
 (outside Washington, DC)

At our Globalization & Human Rights Weekend seminar, we'll examine the ideas and institutions that allow people around the world to achieve freedom and prosperity.

Click here for more info.

All seminars are free, and you can apply online. Deadline is 31 March 2006.